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This story, the story of Klondike Jake's, starts with the luck  – or maybe I should say the "unluck" – of the Klondike. In 1899 hysterical gold-fevered prospectors stampeded to the Yukon and darn near overran Dawson city.


A place to hang their hats

Like everyone, I guess, prospectors were in search of a better life east of the treacherous Chilkoot Pass. These weary fortune seekers were hungry for more than gold, though, they were also hungry for grub! With a prospector-sized appetite – and thirst to boot! – they needed an eatery and waterin' hole. These prospectors needed a place like home where they could hang their frozen hats and rest their tired legs.

Then came Jake

With a mob of half-starved, thirsty prospectors looming, good ol' Jake seen an opportunity. Truth be told, Jake wasn't lucky in his search for gold. In fact, some would say "if he didn't have bad luck he wouldn't have much luck at all." Jake realized he wasn't going to get rich panning for gold, but he could do what he was good at: firing up some delicious campfire grub!

Klondike Jake's

A lot has changed since the Klondike Gold Rush of 1899, however the rich tradition and hospitality of the Klondike is alive and well at Klondike Jake's. We're still feeding the Yukon-sized appetites of modern day prospectors, and we're still steeped in gold-rush tradition. Klondike Jake's: a place for prospectors young and old to hang their hats and rest those weary legs.

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Kettle-Cooked Ribs

Kettle-Cooked Ribs

Nobody does ribs quite like Jake. Fall-off-the-bone delicious and topped with your choice of Jake’s BBQ sauce or honey mustard BBQ sauce. Accompanied by red roasted potatoes and crispy onion rings.

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Jake's Motherload

Jake's Motherload

the mother load of all beef burgers.
Cheese, lettuce, bacon, tomato, grilled onions, pickles and Jake’s BBQ Mayonnaise

Jake's Wings

Cheechako's Wings

made famous in Buffalo, our wings have become a cookhouse specialty. Golden brown and served smothered in your choice of our famous sweet ‘n’ spicy sauce, honey-garlic sauce, Jake’s new St. John’s style dry spice or lip numbing hot sauce.


Yukon's Finest Waterin' Hole

Come on down, prospectors, and forget about the trials of the Klondike with a swalla’ of our dreamy tropical drinks and Yukon cold-certified beer from our quick-drawing loose tap.